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Salut an Moien Jidereen I present you Letz Smash, The Super Smash Bros Luxembourgish Community. Our Assets : -> Trilingual server as Luxembourgish 🇱🇺 , French 🇫🇷 and English 🇬🇧 . -> Hype and Growing Communitity (+200 members) ✨ -> Daily Offline and Online Freeplay sessions 🍻 -> Top E-Sport Team with Free-Coaching, available for all -> Monthly events, including our special one, the Last Duke Standing, in Luxembourg Ville 🏆 -> Streams Platforms (Twitch), VODs (Youtube), Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, TikTok,...) but also a really nice website ( -> An admin team super-motivated that brings all their best -> Unique Developments and Techs on the Super Smash Bros Scene ! (You don't believe it ? Come and see what we do during our events !) -> And so much more... If you're a Super Smash Bros player and wants to be part of the community, be kept informed on our news and events, or just chilling out/tray hard with us, so come and join our discord now ! Be beware, they are multiples top players in there, you don't want to challenge them... Tchuuss ! @LETZ | Burn
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Recruitment description

What we offers you as Sponsor : ➡️ The "Tournament Pool" to help you with the Entrance and moving fees ➡️ A brand new and complete graphic identity 🔹 Profile Picture 🔹 Twitter banner 🔹 team T-Shirt (Reduced Price) ➡️ Much more visibility into the Smash Scene from Luxembourg and relatives countries 🔹 Highlights on our Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,...) 🔹 Team page on our website ( 🔹 Highlights and personnals Identifications of your Tournaments results 🔹 Been part of our Team Letz Roaster ➡️ Be part of our Crew Battle and Inter-Team Events 🔹 Streamed, casted et VODs available ➡️ Offline Training sessions 🔹 With special access to other smash teams online training programs ➡️ E-Sport Pro-like infrastructures access 🔹 Kick-Start for your Smash Carreer 🔹 A bunch of new friends to play and grow with them ➡️ A new Discord specific Role @Team LetzSmash [LETz] 🔹 With an hidden dedicated forum with Saloon, news, voice,... ➡️ And much more to come... Conditions : ✅ Living in the GD-Luxembourg or nearby countries (Belgium, France, Germany) ✅ Be abble to move yourself to our Tournaments and training sessions 🔸 Not Mandatory but highly adviced to keep a good team spirit ✅ Been highly motivated and really to pull the team up high ✅ Having a minimun required smash playing level 🔸 Your skills and mindset will be tested 🔸 Don't panic, it's just to be sure you have all the Smash basics to grow up with us ✅ Places need to be available on the team.
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