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Salut an Moien Jidereen I present you Letz Smash, The Super Smash Bros Luxembourgish Community. Our Assets : -> Trilingual server as Luxembourgish πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ί , French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· and English πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ . -> Hype and Growing Communitity (+200 members) ✨ -> Daily Offline and Online Freeplay sessions 🍻 -> Top E-Sport Team with Free-Coaching, available for all -> Monthly events, including our special one, the Last Duke Standing, in Luxembourg Ville πŸ† -> Streams Platforms (Twitch), VODs (Youtube), Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, TikTok,...) but also a really nice website ( -> An admin team super-motivated that brings all their best -> Unique Developments and Techs on the Super Smash Bros Scene ! (You don't believe it ? Come and see what we do during our events !) -> And so much more... If you're a Super Smash Bros player and wants to be part of the community, be kept informed on our news and events, or just chilling out/tray hard with us, so come and join our discord now ! Be beware, they are multiples top players in there, you don't want to challenge them... Tchuuss ! @LETZ | Burn
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Recruitment description

What we offers you as Sponsor : ➑️ The "Tournament Pool" to help you with the Entrance and moving fees ➑️ A brand new and complete graphic identity πŸ”Ή Profile Picture πŸ”Ή Twitter banner πŸ”Ή team T-Shirt (Reduced Price) ➑️ Much more visibility into the Smash Scene from Luxembourg and relatives countries πŸ”Ή Highlights on our Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,...) πŸ”Ή Team page on our website ( πŸ”Ή Highlights and personnals Identifications of your Tournaments results πŸ”Ή Been part of our Team Letz Roaster ➑️ Be part of our Crew Battle and Inter-Team Events πŸ”Ή Streamed, casted et VODs available ➑️ Offline Training sessions πŸ”Ή With special access to other smash teams online training programs ➑️ E-Sport Pro-like infrastructures access πŸ”Ή Kick-Start for your Smash Carreer πŸ”Ή A bunch of new friends to play and grow with them ➑️ A new Discord specific Role @Team LetzSmash [LETz] πŸ”Ή With an hidden dedicated forum with Saloon, news, voice,... ➑️ And much more to come... Conditions : βœ… Living in the GD-Luxembourg or nearby countries (Belgium, France, Germany) βœ… Be abble to move yourself to our Tournaments and training sessions πŸ”Έ Not Mandatory but highly adviced to keep a good team spirit βœ… Been highly motivated and really to pull the team up high βœ… Having a minimun required smash playing level πŸ”Έ Your skills and mindset will be tested πŸ”Έ Don't panic, it's just to be sure you have all the Smash basics to grow up with us βœ… Places need to be available on the team.
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